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Christmas Gala Concert in Concert Hall

2023/12/14(Th.) 18:15 Starting

Former Tokyo Music School SogakudoTokyo


This joint concert will feature voice, piano, clarinet, ocarina, and organ music from the old concert hall, as well as readings of Christmas-related stories.


*Not in order of performance. The order is subject to change.
[Vocal Music
C. Gounod/J.S. Bach: Ave Maria
Carol de France: On the Edge of the Wilderness
K. Yoshida: Snow like a flower
A. Adan: "Tonight the stars are pure and bright
P. Mascagni: from the opera "Cavalleria rusticana
Ave Maria (Interlude) / As Mama Knows
M. Panzeri: Nonoleta (Dreaming Thoughts)
S. Cardillo: Cataricatari
E.De Curtis: Return to Sorrento
Neapolitan Folk Song: I love you
E. Tagliaferri: Passion
[Piano pieces]
F. Chopin: Etude Op.10-4
      Polonaise No.7 "Fantasy" in A flat major, Op.61
[Organ piece]
G. F. Handel: Morobito korozoroni [Hymn No.112] (arr. Yukiko Kitano)
English Hymn: Makibito to Hebrews [Hymn No.103] (arr. Yukiko Kitano)
Yukiko Kitano: Hoshino Christmas Variations YWV1011
[Clarinet piece]
A. Ponchielli: Il Convegno
[Ocarina piece]
J.S.Bach: Arioso Cantata No.156 "My foot is in the grave
A. Vivaldi: Concerto for Ensemble "Inspiration of Harmony" Op.3-11
Leroy Anderson: Christmas Festival
J. Sibelius: The Little Fir Tree by J. Miyao [music] J. Sibelius: The Fir Tree


  • Mari Imai


  • Nami Iwai


  • Yuko Kitamura


  • Yukiko Kitano

    organ (musical instrument)


    Clarinet Duo

  • Aurora N Ocarina Trio(Maiko Nishioka, Kazuko Kishimoto, Yuri Hashimoto)

    ocarina trio

  • Juriko Miyao


Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    All nonreserved seats 2,800 yen (tax included)

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    Reservations and Inquiries
    JILA Ticket Center : 03-3356-4140
    HP :


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