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Quite a bookstore Concert of songs and recitations

Masae's World Sanae's World

2023/12/09(Sa.) 16:30 Starting

Tsurumi Kumin Bunka Center Salvia Hall Music HallKanagawa

Songs by Misuzu Kaneko and Akane Nakanishi
Readings of poems by Rimbaud, Verlaine, Noriko Ibaraki, Saburo Kuroda.
A pianist and two sopranos.
Please enjoy the resonant world of the three of them with you.


  • Two Worlds

  • Stars and Dandelions

  • Second thing I want to say.

    madame Nakanishi Akane

  • As long as there is breath in this chest

    Handel (piano piece)

  • My dad.



  • Sanae Kuroyanagi

  • Masae Nishio

  • Giant tree of Sogabe


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