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Takahiro Yoshikawa Piano Recital

2023/12/15(Fr.) 19:00 Starting

Suntory Hall Blue Rose (Small Hall)Tokyo


From Buxtehude, a composer who was a great admirer of Bach, to Toshi Ichiyanagi, Yoko Ono's first husband, with masterpieces by Chopin and Debussy, the audience will experience over 300 years of music history in one night!

Pianist Takahiro Yoshikawa is highly acclaimed in Italy for his work at La Scala in Milan. In Japan, he performed with the NHK Symphony Orchestra at the Tokyo Metropolitan Arts Festival in March of this year, following Music Tomorrow 2021. Yoshikawa, who is regarded as one of the most essential pianists to listen to today, will return to Japan with an ambitious program.
In addition to his beautiful cantabile sound and superb technique, Yoshikawa is well known for his new interpretations of the works, which are not mere piano performances, but also for his reading of both the autographs and the latest original editions of the works.
This is a rare and exciting evening of classical music concerts.


  • Suite in D minor, BuxWV 233 "Love Suite

    Dietrich Buxtehude

  • Variations on a Theme by Paganini, Op. 35

    Johannes Brahms

  • Musica Ricercata Nos. 1-3

    Ligeti Gerge.

  • From Prelude, Book 1, No. 4 Sounds and scents waft in the evening air.

    Claude Debussy

  • Prelude No. 5 from Volume 1, Anacapri Hill

    Claude Debussy

  • Prelude No. 6 from Book 1, Footprints on the Snow

    Claude Debussy

  • Prelude No. 7 from Book 1, What the West Wind Saw

    Claude Debussy

  • Prelude No. 8 from Book I, The Maiden with the Flaxen Hair

    Claude Debussy

  • Expression of clouds I

    eagle-eyed goby (Gymnogobius ichiyanagi)

  • time sequence

    eagle-eyed goby (Gymnogobius ichiyanagi)

  • Nocturne No. 20 in C-sharp minor "Lento con grande espressione

    Frederic Chopin

  • Mazurka in A flat major, Op.17-3

    Frederic Chopin

  • Mazurka in C-sharp minor, Op. 63-3

    Frederic Chopin

  • Polonaise No. 6 in A flat major, Op. 53 "Hero

    Frederic Chopin


  • Takahiro Yoshikawa



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