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On November 1, world-renowned violinist Iwao Furusawa will hold "Iwao Furusawa Violin Day and Night gala²," a performance in the spacious 2,000-seat YCC Kenmin Bunka Hall's main hall with a limited number of 300 visitors. This is an attempt to let the audience enjoy the true sound of the instrument created by a spacious hall with a limited number of visitors.
The concept of this year's concert, now in its fourth year, is "Violins on Fire. The program will include the passionate ballet music "Love is a Magician - Fire Dance" by the Spanish composer Falla, Tigoinelwaizen, and Adagio from the Aranjuez Concerto.
This concert will allow the audience to enjoy the original lustrous sound of Mr. Furusawa's beloved Stradivarius "San Lorenzo" with his superb technique.
The piano will be played by Kenji Kanamasu, who, like Mr. Furusawa, is developing his genre-independent performance activities on the world stage. Mr. Kanamasu is scheduled to perform solo at the concert.


  • Love is a magician - Fire Festival Dance


  • tigoinelwaizen

  • Adagio (from Aranjuez Concerto)


  • Iwao Furusawa


  • Kenji Kanamasu


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