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Espanoletas Espanoletas Lunch 2pm & 5pm

〜Old Spanish Music with harp, viol and percussion

2023/11/05(Su.) 14:00 Starting

Former Jesu Takanokai Convent (Former Higashifushimi Palace Hayama Villa)Kanagawa


The "Españolletas," a recercada by Ortiz, author of "Theory of Variations," a collection of songs by Mudarra and Narvaez vihuelas from the Spanish Golden Century (Siglo de Oro), works by Cabezon and Enestrosa, including harp as an instrument, and variations and ornaments on the viola da gamba, The program will also include the secular songs (Tomas Humanos) of the 17th century court composer José Marín, songs by Sebastián Durón, and dances by the adventurer Ribayas, all of which are impressive for their lively rhythms and exotic melodies, The music will be performed by harp, viola da gamba, and percussion.
Compared to today, the relationship between people and between people and nature was more direct and concrete. Please enjoy the diverse sounds of songs and ancient instruments at the former Hayama Villa of Prince Higashifushimi, which retains a strong atmosphere of Western-style court architecture.


  • Recercada "La Spagna" by "La Spagna

    Diego Ortiz.

  • What should I wash with Con qué la lavaré

    Juan Vazquez.

  • Si me llaman a mi like someone calling me

    Alonso Mudarra

  • Ave Maris Stella

    Venegas de Enestrosa

  • Variations on "Las Bacas

    Antonio de Cabezon

  • Think no more Menguilla: No piense Menguilla

    Jose Marin

  • A Girl Drunk with Love

    Sebastien Duron


  • Mitori Suzuki


  • Shuhei Takezawa

    viola da gamba

  • Mie Ito

    Spanish Double Harp

  • Reo Tsai


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