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The Teachers' Group is a performance group of piano teachers. While teaching their students, they also want to improve their own performance. The theme of this year's concert is love. We would like to deliver to you the various forms of love that composers have put into their works with all our hearts.

Future pianists continue to challenge competitions on a daily basis. However, the performance in competitions is very restricted, with no room for mistakes and no room to show too much of themselves. We hope that they will be able to showcase the music that they really want to express in this concert.


  • Fantasy in C major, 1stmovt.

    Robert Schumann

  • Piano Sonata No. 3, 1st and 4th mvts.

    Robert Schumann

  • Dream of Love No. 3

    Franz Liszt

  • consolation

    Franz Liszt

  • sigh

    Franz Liszt

  • Super Exercise No. 8 The Hunting

    Franz Liszt

  • dedication

    Robert Schumann

  • Isolde's love death

    Richard Wagner

  • Scherzo No. 1

    Frederic Chopin

  • Scherzo No. 4

    Frederic Chopin

  • black keys

    Frederic Chopin

  • Improvisation No. 1

    Frederic Chopin

  • Isle of Joy

    Claude Debussy

  • Sunset in Granada

    Claude Debussy

  • Piano Sonata No. 24, Therese

    Ludwig van Beethoven

  • Piano Sonata No.30 op.109 3rd movement

    Ludwig van Beethoven


  • Saori Toyama

  • Tomomi Sugimoto

  • Rie Fujisawa

  • Mai Matsushita

  • Moeka Omori

  • Hinano Arai

  • 𥸮原心暖

  • Reo Takahashi

  • Haru Hosokawa

  • 𥸮原心岳

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