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Hakuju Hall 20th Anniversary Gala Concert Unofficial

2023/10/04(We.) 19:00 Starting

Hakuju HallTokyo


Hakuju Hall, which opened in October 2003, will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. To celebrate this milestone, a gala concert will be held with a splendid lineup of members who have been associated with Hakuju Hall. The members are Mie Kobayashi, violin; Yoshiko Kawamoto, viola; Yoko Hasegawa, cello; Koji Ohagi, guitar; Michiko Hayashi, mezzo-soprano; Yuko Mifune, piano; and Kimitaka Hirano, saxophone. We will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hakuju Hall, which boasts a rich resonance, with a variety of familiar masterpieces by seven of Japan's finest musicians who have performed at "Hakuju s Great East Japan Earthquake Charity Concerts" over the past 10 years.


  • Eternal Spiral

    L. Browell

  • Autumn" and "Winter" from "The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires

    A. Piazzolla

  • When you wish upon a star

    L. Harline

  • daylight savings time (summertime)

    G. Gershwin

  • Moon River

    H. Mancini

  • Quartet in C major, op.19-1

    J.C. Bach

  • Rigoletto paraphrase S.434/R.267

    F. List

  • Two Romances op.91

    J. Brahms

  • Tsigoinelwaizen op.20

    P. Sarasate

  • Carnival of the Animals

    C. Saint-Saens


  • Mie Kobayashi


  • Yoshiko Kawamoto


  • Yoko Hasegawa


  • Kouji Ohagi


  • Michiko Hayashi


  • Yuko Mifune


  • Kimitaka Hirano


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