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Fun Talking Orchestra for Adults Unofficial

Fuji Shizuoka Symphony Orchestra

2023/10/13(Fr.) 18:00 Starting

Shizugin Hall EuphoniaShizuoka


On Friday nights, get a little dressed up and enjoy a special moment. Enjoy 90 minutes of great music, from film music to classical music, along with a pleasant chat and a casual atmosphere.


  • the entertainer


  • Mambo" from "West Side Story


  • "Gabriel's Oboe" from "The Mission"


  • Beauty and the Beast.

    game of chance similar to rock, paper scissors, where the different hand gestures symbolize a pair of swords

  • Psycho Suite.


  • Suite "Ma mère roi

    label (music)

  • An American in Paris



  • Taizo Takemoto


  • Fuji Shizuoka Symphony Orchestra

    orchestral music

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