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fumfum Concert 154

Old Music Concert "European Tour Music Biography vol.2" - Volume 2

2023/10/09(Mo.) 14:00 Starting

Takarazuka Music Research Multipurpose Hall Atelier Reno (Takarazuka Reikian)Hyogo


This year's program will feature members of Ensemble Trine, Tomohiko Yokoyama on baroque violin, Tomoaki Hashizume on recorder, Ayumi Nakanishi, a teacher of viola da gamba at Takarazuka Music Research, and Yuriko Yoshitake, a teacher of harpsichord.

Ensemble Trine


  • From Music on the Water

    Georg Friedrich Handel

  • Concerto No. 8 "Theatrical Style" from

    François Coupland

  • a great variety of dancing

    Jean-Ferri Lebel

  • From The English Dancing Master

    John Playford

  • Scotch Tune, etc.

    James Oswald

Georg Friedrich Haendel(1685-1759):From Music on the Water
François Couperin(1668-1733):Concerto No. 8 "Theatrical Style
Jean-Féry Lebel(1666-1747):Various Dances
John Playford(1623-1686):from The English Dancing Master
James Oswald(1710-1769):Scotch Tune and others

Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    General 3,500 yen
    Students 2,000 yen
    Free admission for preschool children on lap

  • Admission of a preschool child


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