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Brilliant Concert

Spinning with Songs and Opera Arias

2023/11/03(Fr.) 14:00 Starting

Space DoTokyo


Mayuka Tateno, soprano
Mayuri Narahara (Soprano)
Yaeko Kubo (Mezzo-soprano)
Mayumi Kono (Piano)

Following the spring theme of the previous concert, this year's program will feature some rare autumn-related songs and opera arias, each of which is a specialty of the group!
Please feel free to come and listen to them in the midst of the autumn season of the arts.


  • clear autumn day

    Ikuma Dan

  • I don't know what you are.


  • illusion


  • Where are the happy memories?

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • The name of the adored one is

    Giuseppe Verdi

  • You know, the southern country

    Ambroise Thomas

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