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Tea Time Concert at "Yomigaeru" Public Bath Renovation Cafe

Vol. 3 Yukari Nakamura, Violin

2023/09/24(Su.) 13:00 Starting

Levon Kaiyan-yuTokyo


For about 90 years since 1928, Kaiyayu has been loved by people of all generations as a public bathhouse in the town where people gather and talk,
In 2020, the bathhouse was renamed "Yomigaeri" as Cafe "Levon.

The "Yomigaeri" series is a series of casual 45-minute concerts.

The music is selected to be short and easy to listen to, and the artists will add explanations of the pieces and episodic talks between performances, allowing the audience to feel closer to each other and to listen in a relaxed atmosphere. Come soak in a sound bath together with a cup of delicious coffee in the resonant bathhouse space inside the popular "Sento Renove Cafe".
The third session will be a solo violin performance.
Please come with your friends, your loved ones, or just relax by yourself!

Yukari Nakamura Violin

J.S. Bach: Armand from Partita No. 2 for Solo Violin
Kreisler:Beautiful Rosmarin
Kosaku Yamaoka:Variations on a Theme from "The Moon over the Deserted Castle
Michio Miyagi: Spring Sea
and others
Please note that the pieces performed in the first and second parts may differ.


  • Armando from Partita No. 2 for Solo Violin

    J.S. Bach

  • Beautiful Rosmarin

    Fritz Kreisler

  • Variations on a Theme from "The Moon over the Deserted Castle

    Kosaku Yamaoka

  • calm sea of spring

    Michio Miyagi

The program is subject to change. Please note that the music performed in the first and second parts may differ.


Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    Tickets: Adults 2,000 yen Adult Pair: 3,500 yen
    Elementary school students and under: 1,000 yen Parent/Child pair: 2,500 yen
    Children under 3 years old: Free on knees. If you need a seat, there is a charge.
    Parent-child pairs are for parents and children under 6th grade. Bare tickets will be sold until the day before the performance.
    All tickets come with a 100 yen discount coupon for one drink.
    Coffee, lemonade, apple juice, etc. will be available.

  • Admission of a preschool child

    Free for lap children under 3 years old. Seats are available for a fee if required.


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