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Shizukyo Orchestra "Movie Music Concert Unofficial

2023/09/28(Th.) 18:30 Starting

Wakayama Castle Hall Main HallWakayama


Melodies of memorable masterpieces with powerful orchestral sound.
Taizo Takemoto, a wizard of film music who has been active in a wide range of genres since winning the second prize at the 1977 Karajan Conductors Competition in Japan, and the Fuji-Shizuoka Symphony Orchestra will present nostalgic film music.


  • Around the World in 80 Days

    V. Young

  • From "Doctor Zhivago

    M. Jaar

  • From "Pirates of the Caribbean

    H. Zimmer

  • Moulin Suite (musical suite)

    J. Goldsmith

  • A Town with a View of the Sea" from "The Witch's Delivery Service

    Joe Hisaishi

  • Ano Natsu e (To the Summer)" from "Spirited Away

    Joe Hisaishi

  • Aladdin Suite

    A. Mencken

  • Selections from West Side Story

    L. Bernstein

  • Moon River

    H. Mancini

  • Tara's Theme" from "Gone with the Wind

    M. Steiner

  • Love Theme" from "Sunflowers

    H. Mancini

  • Full of sun

    N. Rota

  • From "The Adventures of Robin Hood

    E.W. Korngold

  • Main Theme from "Star Wars" Suite

    J. Williams


  • Taizo Takemoto


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