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Benten Hyakudo [Annex] no.9 Hengen Jizai

2023/11/03(Fr.) 14:00 Starting

Zoshigaya Music HallTokyo


For the first time, Benten will feature an ensemble of single instruments.
The program will be a secret, ranging from the standard viola pieces to the unexpected. The four regular viola players of "Benten" will present a "freewheeling" performance that will make viola players grin, and those who don't grin will be able to feel the charm of the viola.

---The four regular violists of "Benten" will give you a varied performance.

Benten Hyakudo" is a project started in 2003 as a "gathering place" to challenge ensembles of various compositions together with fellow musicians.
Under the call of a weekend-only viola player (the mastermind of the project), many music lovers, including amateur orchestra members, colleagues and juniors at universities and workplaces, and family members, have joined the project.

Since its inaugural performance in March 2004, the orchestra has held regular performances [at the main building] approximately once a year, although there was a four-year break in the middle of the season. The theme of each performance is different, and the music is characterized by a broad selection of both well-known and obscure pieces.
In parallel, the Annex series (from 2020), which focuses on specific composers and compositions, and the Annex series (from 2022), which specializes in string quartets, are being planned. A wider range of programs can now be accommodated.

Benten" refers to Benzaiten, who is revered as the god of music, eloquence, and wisdom. The name "Hyakkodo" is a reference to the department store that sells everything, a place where a wide variety of programs can be realized, and a gathering place for amateur musicians (i.e., "hima-jin").


Benten Hyakudo Selection
*The program will be announced on the day of the event.

Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    All seats unreserved, free of charge (advance reservations required)

  • How to buy

    Please register through the Benten Hyakko-do website. (The reservation form will be opened on Friday, September 1.
    Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until Thursday, November 2, the day before the concert, and will be closed when capacity is reached.

  • Admission of a preschool child

    Please be considerate of the customers around you.


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