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Mecenat Junior Orchestra

Final Concert Thank you 20years!

2023/08/13(Su.) 13:30 Starting

Suzaka City Cultural Hall, Mesena Hall, Main HallNagano


Thank you for your longtime support of the Mecenat Junior Orchestra.
This year, in our 20th year of existence, we have decided to hold our last concert.

It has been 20 years since we were the first orchestra to be established in Nagano Prefecture, and we have managed to continue our activities while overcoming repeated difficulties,
However, due to the Corona disaster, it has become difficult for us to continue.

This time, we were joined by the Mecenat Boys and Girls Choir, who have performed as our guests in the past,
This time, we will welcome as guests the Mecenat Boys and Girls Choir, who have performed in the past, and Ms. Miyu Yamaura, with whom we have made a new connection.
The performance will be a gathering of students, teachers, alumni, and neighborhood orchestras.

Children are welcome and admission is free, so we hope to bring the performance to many people.
We look forward to seeing you and your family at the concert.

Guest performer: Miyu Yamaura, Mecenat Boys and Girls Choir
Conductor: Hitoshi Miyazawa
Performance: Mecenat Junior Orchestra and friends

~Program: Original Music by Mecenat Junior Orchestra
Mecenat Junior Orchestra Original Music
Daisuke Ikeda: Fantasien in White~inspired from Suzaka
Kaoru Yamada: From Sea to Sea...
Natsuko Shinkawa: Flower Fairy ~Inspired from a picture book by Cicily Mary Parker
Ryuta Aoki: The Great Aviation Age

Beethoven: Symphony No.5 "Fate", etc.


  • White Fantagen ~inspired from Suzaka~.

    Daisuke Ikeda

  • From sea to sea...

    Kaoru Yamada

  • The Flower Fairy - In honor of Cicily Mary Parker's picture book

    Natsuko Shinkawa

  • Great Aviation Age

    Ryuta Aoki

  • Symphony No. 5 "Destiny

    Ludwig van Beethoven

In addition, the choir will perform with the Mecenat Boys and Girls Choir and Miyu Yamaura.


Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    Admission free, all seats unreserved

  • Admission of a preschool child

    Please be considerate to customers in the vicinity.


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