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Sweet Flutes Conserter

Welcoming Patrick Denecker

2023/10/08(Su.) 16:00 Starting

The Church of Christ in Japan Shimanouchi ChurchOsaka


The recorder was known in 17th century France as the "flûte douce," or sweet-tongued flute. When played by a virtuoso, a room in a court or noble residence would have been filled with a melting sound.
Mr. Patrick Denecker from Belgium is a world-famous master of such "sweet tones. The intimate ensemble of four, supported by the viols and theorbo bass, quietly but eloquently depicts the pleasures of royalty and nobility.

Recorder: Patrick Denecker
Recorder: Rei Inoue
Viol: Masako Hirao
Theorbo: Asako Ueda


  • Suite in Three Voices No. 3 in D major

    Maran Murray

  • Suite for 2 Recorders No. 1

    Jack O'Toole.

  • Suite in D major for viol and bassoon

    Maran Murray

  • Trio Sonata No. 3

    Jack O'Toole.

  • Suite in Three Voices No. 1

    Louis-Antoine Dornell

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