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Music Takkyubin 2023 "Kuroneko Family Concert Unofficial

Kyushu Symphony Orchestra

2023/08/22(Tu.) 18:30 Starting

Fukuoka Sun Palace HallFukuoka


Music Courier 2023
This year's theme is "Music for Dancing. "Â
We want to bring real, good music to everyone, regardless of age or region.
Thanks to your support, we are now in our 38th year of concerts with this wish.
Since 1986, we have had many encounters throughout Japan (351 performances).
This year, the concerts will be held at five different venues throughout Japan.
All over the world, everyone comes into contact with and learns from the orchestra's high quality music,
united by enriching their hearts and minds. We believe that music has that power.
Some of the venues will also offer online streaming, so you can participate at the venue or at home,
Kuroneko Family Concert" at the venue and at home as well.
Please enjoy the "Kuroneko Family Concert" to your heart's content.

The Fukuoka concert on August 22 will be streamed live!
You can watch the concert live from the comfort of your home.


Fanfare "La peri" Fanfare (Composed by Dukas) Fanfare Brillante ~Toward the Bright Future (Composed by Norichika Iimori / Arranged by Yuriko Toda)
Let's get to know the orchestra and its instruments.
Orchestra Monoshiri Jiten (Composed by Akira Miyagawa / Story composed by Okiko Arai)
Orchestra performance
Overture to "Heaven and Hell" (Composed by Offenbach)
The Power of Music to Raise Your Spirits
Music Takkyubin 2023 Special Program
Orchestra performance
Bolero (Composed by Ravel)


  • Norichika Iimori


  • Satoshi Asaoka


  • Akiko Miwa


  • Ai Ichihara


Admission and ticket purchase

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    Free (application required)

  • How to buy

    For more information and to apply, please visit

  • Admission of a preschool child

    There are no restrictions on participation based on age. Children under elementary school age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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