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  • Full-scale concert from age 0 - 2 luxurious parts in the clubhouse & on board!

Full-scale concert from age 0 - 2 luxurious parts in the clubhouse & on board!

SpecialThanksLoveLive in support of promoting the foster care system

2023/09/24(Su.) 12:30 Starting

The Cruise Club TokyoTokyo


French Course Lunch & Concert in the Clubhouse
14:15 (Cruise)
Part2 ◆Cruising & Concert in the Cruise Ship
15:00 (Close) Disembarkation & End

Ticket price list】 【Ticket price list】 【Ticket price list】 【Ticket price list
French Course & Cruising Ticket (12 years old and over) 12,000 yen
0 years old: Free
1 year old - under 12 years old (with one drink on board): 1,500 yen
Kids' plate ticket with boarding ticket: 3,800 yen
Kids pasta ticket with boarding ticket 3000yen

Why don't you come and enjoy a delicious meal specially prepared by our chef while listening to a live performance by our gorgeous performers, and enjoy the view and wind from the sea with the music while cruising?
This is a special event in which you can enjoy two concerts, one in the clubhouse of The Cruise Club Tokyo, which is operated by NYK Group company Asuka II, and the other on board Lady Crystal!
The program will feature a variety of classic songs, movie theme songs, Ghibli songs and children's songs, etc., which can be enjoyed by everyone. In addition, we are planning to have a special guest performer (an elementary school girl). We look forward to seeing you there, whether you are a music lover, cruising enthusiast, father, mother, or concert novice. Of course, adults are welcome to participate alone!
Please note that you may not disembark from the cruise ship after the 14:15 departure.
*Video recording and photography are allowed during the concert, but please be considerate of the guests around you.


  • Part of Your World

    Alan Menken

  • City with a view of the sea

    Joe Hisaishi

  • merry-go-round of life

    Joe Hisaishi

  • Tzioguinelwaisen

    Pablo de Sarasate.

  • Csardas (Hungarian dance)

    Vittorio Monti

  • Passion Week (starting on May 10th of each year)

    Taro Hakase

  • He is the pirate.

    Klaus Badelt.

  • country road

  • birdman

    Joe Hisaishi

  • Turkish March

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • Super Mario Special Medley

In no particular order. Other songs are available.

Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    Free of charge for children 0 years old.
    *Only the boarding fee of 1,500 yen is always charged from 1 year old.

    ■French Course Lunch & W Concert Ticket (Includes cruise fee) [Must be purchased for ages 12 and up].

    Children's 1 Plate Lunch Ticket (Included in the price of the cruise) [For preschoolers to children under 12 years old] ¥3,800

    Children's ticket with pasta lunch (cruise fare included) [for preschoolers to children under 12 years old] ¥3,800
    3,000 yen

    Children's ticket (cruise fare only) [for children aged 1 to under 12] ¥1,500
    ¥1,500 Including wine drink on board

  • How to buy

    Reservations by email

    Reservations through the ticket website

  • Admission of a preschool child

    Children 0 years old are free of charge and only boarding fee is always charged from 1 year old. There is a kid's space, and toys, food and beverages can be brought on board. Please note that while it is possible to leave your seat or stand during the tour, it is not possible to disembark from the moment you board the ship to the moment you disembark.

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