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Hyogo Performing Arts Center Orchestra Opera "Don Giovanni Unofficial

2023/07/20(Th.) 14:00 Starting

Hyogo Performing Arts Center KOBELCO Main HallHyogo


The 2023 opera produced by Artistic Director Yutaka Sado will finally be Mozart's masterpiece "Don Giovanni".
The story is based on the legend of Don Juan, a Spanish nobleman. The story of a man who falls in love with numerous women and ends up in hell after his debauchery has long been featured in artistic works, but the image of Don Giovanni created by Mozart and da Ponte has fascinated people with its exceptional presence. The life of Don Giovanni, who lived according to his desires and "would rather go to hell than repent. The psychological portrayal of the characters surrounding him. The fast-paced drama and superb music depicts a drama that is close to the heart.
Now is the time to see this opera within an opera, presented with authentic direction by David Nice, former principal director of the Metropolitan Opera, and internationally acclaimed singers of the season.


  • Don Giovanni

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


  • Yutaka Sado


  • Outer Space

    Don Giovanni

  • Hidekazu Tsumaya

    chivalrous man (c. Edo period)

  • Yurie Takano

    Donna Anna.

  • Hiroki Shiro

    Don Ottavio.

  • Kaori Ikeda

    Donna Elvira

  • Kaz Hirano


  • Masashi Mori


  • Sara Kobayashi


  • Hyogo Produce Opera Chorus


  • Eiko Morishima


Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    A ¥13,000/B ¥10,000/C ¥8,000/D ¥6,000/E ¥3,000

  • How to buy

    ■Ticket Office, Arts Center
    Ticket Pia
    Lawson Ticket


  • Phone number

    Art Center Ticket Office 0798-68-0255 [10:00AM~5:00PM Mon.]

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