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SerendipityTwo Classic x Chanson x Jazz

~Chanson's transition and modernization practices~.

2023/07/08(Sa.) 19:00 Starting

Space Do (Dak Basement, wind instrument specialty store)Tokyo


Chansons have fascinated the world as popular music.
In fact, it has a long history and has many works in the classical world. For Serendipity 2, we will focus on chansons and prepare a program that will allow you to enjoy French music.

We will perform a variety of chansons, from the standard chansons to new discoveries such as the fact that chansons actually have roots, or that famous classical composers also wrote chansons.


The music program will be announced on the day of the concert! The following is an image of the music program.

Chanson in Transition Troubadours (minstrels) - Renaissance - Present
Chansons of film music by Michel Legrand
Chansons by classical composers Gabriel Fauré, Francis Poulenc, etc. Chansons that came to America and Japan Joseph Kozma, Louis Guglielmi, etc.


  • Akira Tanigawa

  • Yui Nanazawa

  • Rei Takano

  • Hanayasu Suzuki

  • Mizuki Onuki

  • Chikako Shiroma

  • clearness of Nishina

  • Shinichi Tsukamoto

  • Mitsuru Shishikura

Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    Special ticket 4,000 yen S seat area + on-demand transmission
    General ticket 3,500 yen Non-reserved seating area
    Distribution 1,000 yen Live streaming from official website

  • How to buy

    Ticket Pia P Code: 243821
    Or available at Music Office Sonus office
    Official website


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