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Premium Moments with Ikuko Kawai & Takashi Obara

Guest Machiko Watanabe

2023/06/18(Su.) 14:00 Starting

Komae Ecolma HallTokyo


Violinist Ikuko Kawai captivates with her genre-defying music, from classical to popular. And multi-pianist Takashi Obara, who plays various genres of music with a gentle and comfortable voice. Please enjoy a premium time with their performances and stories.
In addition, Machiko Watanabe will join them as a guest performer for what promises to be an enjoyable evening.


Hymn of Love


  • Ikuko Kawai


  • Takashi Obara


  • Machiko Watanabe

    vocal music

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    Â Seats for telephone reservations and internet reservations will be in separate bins.
    Â Please note that preschool children are not allowed to enter.
    Â Please note that there may be unavoidable changes to the content of the event.

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    Inquiries: Ecolma Hall TEL: 03-3430-4106
    *Seats for telephone reservations and Internet reservations will be reserved separately.


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