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Philharmonic Winds Osaka

The 38th Regular Concert

2023/06/25(Su.) 16:00 Starting

Sumitomo Life Insurance Izumi HallOsaka


ALL Jun Chosei's brass band works are performed.
Please enjoy the beautifully layered sounds characteristic of Chosei's works.


  • Earth" from "The Planet of Torvaire

    Jun Chousei

  • love at the zenith

    Jun Chousei

  • waves in the deep blue ocean

    Jun Chousei

  • Symphony No. 3 "Four Seasons

    Jun Chousei


Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    SS seats: 5,000 yen
    SD seats: 5,000 yen (social distance seats)
    S seats: 4,000 yen
    A seats: 3,000 yen
    U-25 seats: 2,000 yen
    U-18 seats: 1,000 yen
    Pair seats: 7,000 yen (2nd floor balcony seats)

  • How to buy

    Osakan Ticket Center
    e+ (e-plus)


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