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Late Summer Strange Tales

omnibus music drama

2023/08/27(Su.) 14:00 Starting

Act City Hamamatsu, Medium HallShizuoka


That summer keeps calling you

We present to you beautiful and sad stories that will send chills down your spine in the hot summer.

A group of local musicians, soprano Miki Nakajima, flute Fumi Shinoda, piano Keiko Tanaka,
Piano, and Miyu Uemura, scriptwriter and director, have joined forces to form the team "Artisan".
These four musicians will serve as the musical foundation for a story with a splendid cast of guests.

Episode 1 Readings
Hoichi the Earless
Episode 2 Rakugo
The Grim Reaper (by rakugo storyteller Dankei Tachikawa)
Episode 3 Play
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (ft. Yu Shimizu, actor; Hiroyuki Iida, opera singer)

Please come to Act City Hamamatsu to experience the fusion of music, rakugo and drama, and the sadness of the end of summer.

■ Performers
 Keiko Tanaka (piano)
 SHINODA Fumi (Flute)
 NAKAJIMA Miki (Soprano)
 Uemura Miyu (Piano & Script Direction)
 DANKEI TACHIKAWA (Rakugo Storyteller)
 SHIMIZU Masaru (Actor)
 Hiroyuki Iida, baritone


Romanian music, Labelle's Bolero, or the festival shinobue flute that can be heard through the ages...

The performance will be a collaboration of recitation, drama, and rakugo, while using music of many genres.

Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    all seats occupied (e.g. in a restaurant)

  • How to buy

    On sale from 5/8
    Act City Hamamatsu Ticket Center

    Ticket Inquiries
    090-5621-6093 (Tanaka)

  • Admission of a preschool child


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