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Guitar and Silence 《Performance at Asashikan》 《Performance at Asashikan》 《Performance at Asashikan

Performance on May 16, 2011

2023/05/16(Tu.) 19:00 Starting

Jiyu Gakuen AsakusaTokyo


Guitar and Silence

Listen to the margins.

An hour of contemplating music at the Urayasu Music Hall, one of the best sounding music halls in Japan. Please enjoy the music that can only be heard by these three musicians.

#Beni Igarashi Trio
Guitar: Beni Igarashi
Violin: Ryota Kuratomi
Cello: Yuki Hirota

-- violin: KURATSUMI Ryota

Koh Igarashi Guitar
Koh Igarashi

Graduated from Tokyo College of Music. She won the second prize at the 27th Spanish Music Guitar Competition and five other competitions. He is pursuing a softer tone. He also organizes the concert "Guitar and Silence" as a place for his own musical expression, in which he contemplates the "beauty of the blank space.


Koh Igarashi Trio
A trio of guitar, violin, and cello formed by guitarist Beni Igarashi. The trio is made up of three people who are good friends, Kazutaka Kadota (arranger), Motohiro Kuga (sound recordist), and Jo Ei (photographer/editor). The trio has been active since November 2022, and as of April 2023, has attracted a cumulative audience of over 2,000 seats.

Ryota Kuratomi , Violin
Ryota Kuratomi , Violin
Graduated at the top of his class from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music's String Department. Completed the master's course in the Graduate School of Music at the same university. He won a prize at the Szigeti International Competition. Second prize at the Lipizzan International Competition (highest prize).

Yuki Hirota, Cello
Yuki Hirota , Cello
Yuki Hirota graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. After graduating from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, he went to France and completed the highest degree of chamber music at the Conservatoire de Paris. He won the 4th prize at the Viva Hall Cello Competition, the Inoue Prize, the Risonnale Music Prize (1st prize), and was selected for the Japan Music Competition, among others. Formerly a cellist and second chair of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, he has been a soloist since 2011.


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  • Koh Igarashi


  • Ryota Kuratomi


  • Yuki Hirota



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