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Kogaku Unit "Tamahibi" - The Sound of Soul, The Beat of Melody [Osaka Performance

~Lute will be pleased~!

2023/06/25(Su.) 16:00 Starting

The Church of Christ in Japan Shimanouchi ChurchOsaka


Tamahibi, an ancient music unit that made a shocking CD debut in 2021, not to be outdone by Corona Vortex.
This time, they will take on the challenge of performing in the Kansai region for the first time.
*On Saturday, the 24th, the day before the performance, a workshop titled "Music with Tamahibi" will be held at Aigat Salon in Kyoto. For inquiries, please contact Atelier Rakko (Sato).

What is Tamahibi? Formed in 2018 by soprano Michiko Takahashi, based in Tokyo and Paris and active in a wide range of ancient and contemporary music, and lute player Akiko Sato, who plays in various ensembles in Japan and has a unique world view. The unit name "Tamahibi" is derived from the concert series titled "Soul Sounds, the Heartbeat of Melody". 2021 will see the release of their first album "Tamahibi".

*Michiko Takahashi, soprano
Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music with a major in voice, and moved to France after being discovered by Agnes Mellon. She studied Baroque vocal music at the Conservatoire de Paris with H. Crook and I. Prunard. With her sense of harmony and excellent a cappella technique, which she acquired in the Ensemble Planeta, she was immediately invited by various vocal ensembles after moving to France, and has performed at various opera houses in France and at festivals of ancient music in Ambronay, Beaune, and other cities. Michiko Takahashi HP

Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Department of Music. She studied under K. Junghener at the Cologne State University of Music in Germany and H. Smith at the Schola Kantorum in Basel, Switzerland. He has performed with many musicians as a soloist and as a bassoonist. Atelier Rakko HP


  • I hope Lute will be pleased.


  • Let my tears flow


  • When I lay down


  • Let me cry

    Handel (piano piece)

  • I know that he who redeems me is alive.

    Handel (piano piece)

the rest

Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    3,500 yen (All seats unreserved)

  • How to buy

    Atelier Rakko / 090-8440-1348
    Un Mesage
    Tokyo Classical Instrument Center 03-3952-5515


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