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Sapporo Symphony Orchestra 653rd Subscription Concert Unofficial

2023/05/28(Su.) 13:00 Starting

Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara Main HallHokkaido


For the annual theme of "Night", Bermelt himself chose Mendelssohn's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". The overture and nocturne will be combined. The universal human themes of Shakespeare's works and the questions they pose to mankind may also be found in the "German Requiem," which expresses the suffering and joys of mankind. The "German Requiem" is one of Barthel's long-cherished wishes, having been abandoned for two performances in 2020 and 2021. The lyrics are words chosen by Brahms himself from Luther's translation of the Bible, and it is said to be a requiem for the living, distinct from religious music that expresses Christian faith. This year's performance, which will commemorate the 190th anniversary of Brahms' birth, will be filled with Bermelt's strong desire not to give up, his love for human beings, and his strong devotion to this music.


  • Overture to "A Midsummer Night's Dream", Nocturne

    Felix Mendelssohn

  • German Requiem

    Johannes Brahms


  • Matthias Bermelt.


  • Tamayo Yoshida


  • Eijiro Kai


  • Sapporo Symphony Chorus and others


Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    (SS) ¥7,000 (S) ¥6,000 (A) ¥5,000 (B) ¥4,500 (C) ¥3,500
    U25 discount (B,C) 1,500 yen
    U25 Discount for 2023 is for those born in 1998 or later.
    Smile seats 2,000 yen (limited to the day of the event/smile area in P Block) will be available.
    No preschool children allowed.
    *Fuda Symphony regular members can purchase each seat with a 500 yen discount (cannot be combined with Smile Seats, U25 Discount, or other discounts).
    Secoma code D23050701

  • How to buy

    Kitara Ticket Center 011-520-1234
    WEB Reservations

    Doshin Playguide
    Ticket Pia [P code: 232-521
    Lawson Ticket [L code: 17403
    Multi-copy machine in Seicomart stores / Secomat code D23052701

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