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Matsudo City Philharmonic Orchestra

family concert

2023/05/14(Su.) 14:00 Starting

Matsudo Mori no Hall 21 Main HallChiba


Brahms' "Symphony No. 2" was written in the summer resort of Pertschach in southern Austria.
In contrast to the heavy "Symphony No. 1," which took 20 years to write, "No. 2" seems to represent the refreshing climate of Pertsach.
It is sometimes called "Brahms' Countryside Symphony" because of its bright, pastoral tone.
Bizet's "Roman Suite" is a rarely performed work.
Bizet was not pleased with the results and altered it twice, but in the end, the final draft was never performed during his lifetime.
However, the colorful and friendly tone of this piece will give you a sense of the music of the composer who left such still-loved works as "Carmen" and "L'Arles.
The "Invitation to a Dance" depicts a man inviting a woman to dance, and after dancing a waltz, they part quietly.
You will feel as if you have stepped into a glamorous ballroom.

We have prepared a program perfect for the refreshing season, so please enjoy it.


  • Invitation to Butoh

    Carl Maria von Weber

  • Roman Suite

    Georges Bizet

  • Symphony No. 2

    Johannes Brahms

Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    At the door 900 yen
    Advance sale 800 yen
    Senior/Junior: 500 yen (60 years old and up, high school students only at the counter on the day of purchase)

  • How to buy

    Mori no Hall 21 Ticket Center 047-384-3331

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