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Concert of Memories 2023 Spring

~Sakura's song, dream in hand~.

2023/03/26(Su.) 14:00 Starting

Avance HallSaga


Offering a no-attendance ensemble off in a rented hall mainly for those who lost their performance space due to the Corona Disaster held in 2022.
The "Ensemble of Memories" will be held in concert form as the "Concert of Memories
March 26, 2023 (Sun) at Saga Gender Equality Center Avanse "Avanse Hall"!

Create memories of spring in Saga with a focus on those who love brass band music.
The concert will include the famous "Sakura no Uta", "Romancing SaGa", "Zombieland Saga", and other music related to Saga.
The concert starts at 14:00.


Part 1
Wind Blowing Tomorrow (Composed by Naoya Wada)
Sakura no uta (revised version)(Composed by Yosuke Fukuda)

Part 2
Romancing Sa-Ga" for brass band (Composed by Kenji Ito)
Zombieland Saga" for brass band (Composed by Yusuke Kato, etc.)

Arranged by sai-kisaragi


  • sai-kisaragi



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