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Poesia Amorosa

Italian Poets and 17th Century Music

2023/06/23(Fr.) 18:30 Starting

Annex Hall, The Museum of KyotoKyoto


Composers who, through their music, have made the emotions of the works of Rinuccini, Guarini, Tasso, and others active in the era of the birth of opera even more three-dimensional.
The program features songs by Dindia, Monteverdi, Caccini, and others.
The performance will be given by Michiko Takahashi, a soprano singer with a rich expressive and clear voice, Akiko Sato, one of the few lute players active in Japan, Rei Yorita, who is making efforts to promote the viola da gamba in the Kansai region, and Noriko Ueno, a cornetist.


G. Caccini "Weeping all day long
C. Monteverdi "The West Wind Returns
S. Dindia, "Arrived at the Tomb"
M. Pezenti "Corrente di armida

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