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Biwako Hall Produce Opera March 2 performance Unofficial

Wagner's "Die Meistersinger von Nuremberg" (The Meistersinger of Nuremberg)

2023/03/02(Th.) 13:00 Starting

Biwako Hall, Shiga Performing Arts Center, Main HallShiga


The 10 works performed at the Bayreuth Festival Theatre, the mecca of Wagner's works, are finally completed.

The production will be directed by Jun Awakuni, in whom Numajiri has complete confidence, and the cast will be made up of singers carefully selected from Japan and abroad for this final production of his tenure. The leading role of Hans Sachs will be played by Takashi Aoyama, who is an indispensable talent in Biwako Hall's productions of Wagner's works. Other singers include Kei Fukui, who has been an integral part of Biwako Hall's opera repertoire for many years. Charles Kim, who has performed in numerous Wagner productions, including at the Bayreuth Festival and in "Lohengrin" at the National Theater in Prague, will join the chorus, which will consist of approximately 60 singers from the Kansai region, mainly from the Biwako Hall Vocal Ensemble. This is a must-see performance that transcends the boundaries of national and domestic opera groups, and is a rare opportunity to hear these gorgeous singers perform together.
The orchestra conducted by Tatsunori Numajiri is the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra, whose reputation grows with each performance. You can also look forward to the top-level orchestra in Japan, which will work together to create Wagner's magnificent music. The cast and staff are the best in the world, and you will not want to miss this "definitive version" of Wagner's opera.


  • Meistersinger of Nuremberg

    Richard Wagner


  • Tatsunori Numajiri


  • Biwako Hall Vocal Ensemble


  • Kyoto Symphony Orchestra

    orchestral music

  • Takashi Aoyama

    Hans Sachs.

  • Hidekazu Tsumaya

    Fight Pogner

  • Kota Murakami

    Kunz Vogelgesang

  • Kei Kondo

    Konrad Nachtigall

  • Hiroshi Kuroda

    Sixtus Beckmesser.

  • Outer Space

    Fritz Kortner

  • Charles Kim

    Balthasar Zorn.

  • Sungwon Jin.

    Ulrich Eislinger.

  • Jun Takahashi

    Augustin Moser.

  • Takashi Tomosei

    Hermann Ortel.

  • Osamu Matsumori

    Hans Schwarz

  • Kenji Saiki

    Hans Volz.

  • Kei Fukui

    Walter von Stolzing

  • Tetsutaro Shimizu


  • Mari Moriya

    area on the concave side of a mountain arc or a crescent-shaped archipelago

  • Hisako Yagi


  • Hirano, Kazu

    night watchman

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