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Akira Miyagawa x Osaka Zion Wind Orchestra Unofficial

Music Gifts for the Future

2023/03/25(Sa.) 15:00 Starting

Morioka Civic Cultural Hall (Malios) Main HallIwate



  • The Lovers of Rochefort

    Legrand (wine)

  • Geba Geba 90min.

    Yasushi Miyagawa

  • Mariya Takeuchi, Mysterious Peach Pie, etc.

  • Shall we dance?

    Richard Rogers

  • From the anime "Kirby the Star

    Akira Miyagawa

  • From the music of Space Battleship Yamato

    Yasushi Miyagawa, Akira Miyagawa

  • grand kappa service (e.g. memorial service for the Tokugawa shogun on the last day of the 10th lunar month)

    Akira Miyagawa


  • Akira Miyagawa


Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    S seats 4,500 yen A seats 3,500 yen U-25 ticket (S/A selectable) 1,500 yen
    All seats reserved, tax included

  • How to buy

    Morioka Civic Cultural Hall TEL:019-621-5100
    Morioka Theater TEL:019-622-2258
    Chara Hall TEL:019-637-6611
    Himegami Hall TEL:019-683-3526
    Kawatoku TEL:019-651-1111
    Annex Kawatoku TEL:019-661-1000
    Iwate Prefectural Citizens Hall TEL:019-624-1172
    Etsuriko SC Pal TEL:0197-65-2511

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