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The 11th Concert

2023/04/23(Su.) 14:00 Starting

Mitaka City Arts Center Kaze no HallTokyo


We are an amateur brass band established in 2011.
Coincidentally, we were founded at the same time as the Great East Japan Earthquake. We have selected our music through repeated discussions based on lectures by our music director.
We are also actively working on contemporary music by Japanese composers, and we have received direct support from composers and professors.

In 2020, the 10th year since its establishment, the orchestra cancelled its concerts for the second year in a row due to the Corona disaster, and just as it was starting to prepare for its next concert, the music director passed away suddenly.
In May 2022, we made a new start with Mr. Ryo Nakashiro as our permanent conductor.

◎This concert will be held after sufficient measures have been taken to prevent the transmission of the new coronavirus. For details, please visit our website.


  • Concertino

    Michio Kitazume

  • Secret Ritual VII <Phoenix

    Akira Nishimura

  • Dialogos-Distance

    Yumi Saiki

  • Fugue from Prelude and Fugue

    J.S. Bach

  • Music for Pieces of Wood (Percussion Quintet)

    S. Reich

  • Fireworks (Clarinet Quartet)

    K. Beffa

Michio Kitazume: Concertino for Piano and Wind ensemble
Akira Nishimura:Secret VII "Phoenix
Yumi Saiki: Dialogos-Distance
J.S.Bach: Fugue from Prelude and Fugue (BWV552)
S. Reich: Music for Pieces of Wood (percussion quintet)
K. Beffa: Fireworks (clarinet quartet)

Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    1,000 yen (All seats unreserved)

  • How to buy

    Ticket sales: Application form
           Tickets are also available at the ticket counter on the 1st floor of Mitaka City Arts Center.


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