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Shirokane Hepburn Symphonic Band 20th Regular Concert

2023/03/12(Su.) 13:30 Starting

Hall, Kalutz Kawasaki (Kawasaki City Sports and Culture Center)Kanagawa


The Shirokane Hepburn Symphonic Band was founded in March 2002 mainly by graduates of the Meiji Gakuin University Symphonic Band.
 Today, with members from a wide range of backgrounds, from working adults to students, the brass band performs mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, performing at elementary schools' family concerts and other local concerts, as well as regular concerts.
 In past concerts, the group has premiered commissioned works, performed with professional musicians at anniversary concerts, and given joint performances with junior high school students. We have been able to celebrate our 20th concert by overcoming various events.
 We are practicing every day with the aim of giving a performance that will bring tears, laughter, and emotion to everyone who listens. We are serious about our music, but we never forget to have fun. That is what we "Hebobuki" are all about!
 For this year's 20th anniversary concert, we will perform a carefully selected program of pieces from our past concerts.
 In the first part, we will perform a classical arrangement. We will again invite Ms. Yuri Iguchi, a former part trainer of the Meiji Gakuin University Symphonic Band, who was a guest performer at the 10th Regular Concert. The third part will be a brass band piece, and Spark's popular "Year of the Dragon" will be performed in a newly transcribed "2017 version.

 The second part of the Hebobuki concert is the "Planning Stage," which is a regular feature of the Hebobuki concert. Simply put, it is a "music play" like no other.
In the past, we have performed popular and well-known songs along with the stories of various stages and characters, such as theme parks, historical dramas, magical worlds, galaxies, famous TV shows, cartoons, folk tales, and appearances by popular characters. The concert has been well-received every year as an entertainment⁉ that is more than just a performance; it is an opportunity to enjoy music in a casual way. In this concert, we will look back on the memories of these special stages.
 What kind of content? What kind of music we will play, you will have to wait until the day of the concert!

z The performance may be canceled depending on the infection situation. Please check the band's website, etc. in advance.
Please take your temperature, disinfect your hands, and wear a mask before coming to the concert.
Please be aware that admission may be restricted and visitors' contact information may be obtained in accordance with the facility use guidelines, etc.
Please refrain from eating and drinking in the venue, including the foyer.
Please refrain from giving gifts, bouquets, etc. to performers.


Part 1
SLAVA! (L. Bernstein)
Interlude from "Cavalleria Rusticana" (P. Mascagni)
Trombone Concerto (L. Grendahl)
  Guest: Ms. Yuri Iguchi (Trombone player, Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra)

Part 2
 Planning Stage

Part 3
Star Puzzle March (Soichi Kohase)
Ship of Stars (Yukiko Nishinou)
The Year of the Dragon [2017 Edition] (P. Spark)

Admission and ticket purchase

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    Admission free, all seats unreserved

  • Admission of a preschool child

    Please do not allow children to make noise or leave their seats during the performance, and if they cry or otherwise raise their voices, please move them to the lobby. Please use the parent-child seating area.

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