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A gem of an ensemble for you!

The three current and former principal players of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra will be playing the full range of sounds.

2023/03/10(Fr.) 18:30 Starting

Fuda no Tsuji CrossholeShizuoka

So much fun can be had with just a violin and a cello! What happens in the wonderful echoing Cross Hall space when it comes to trios, quartets, and quintets?
Please come and see it live.
In addition to Mozart, Dvořák, and Weber, the quartet will perform Birdsong with a solo cello, Schindler's Liszt with a solo violin, and the enchanting Waltz!
And then the enchanting waltz!


  • from "The Hunt for String Quartet

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • from String Quintet K174

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • Invitation to Butoh

    Carl Maria von Weber

  • Schindler's List

  • Bird Song

  • Fascination Enchanted Waltz


  • Takehisa Morohashi


  • Gleb, Nikitin.


  • Beante Bowman


  • Motoko Tokoro


  • Keiko Morohashi

    Viola , Facilitator

Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    All seats 5,000 yen

  • How to buy

    You can purchase them at the following stores.
    Sumiya Goody main store

    Sumiya Goody SBS Street Store

    Or, please contact us directly at the contact information on the flyer.


  • Phone number

    菊理姫 090 7680 0643

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