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  • Piano Duo Mini-Concert 《Invitation to the Art of 20th Century Paris

Piano Duo Mini-Concert 《Invitation to the Art of 20th Century Paris

2023/04/15(Sa.) 14:00 Starting

Book Cafe KantakaTokyo


Paris from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. In salons and cafes, various artists such as musicians, poets, writers, and painters came and went every day, stimulating each other and developing into a new artistic movement.

It was a frenzied period of collaboration between artists who were responsible for the art of modern France, such as the composer Debussy and the poet Mallarmé and the painter Redon, the composer Satie and Jean Cocteau, who pushed forward the avant-garde art movement, and the painter Picasso, who was the darling of the age.
The works of these unique artists will be presented with a focus on music.


  • From "Little Suite" 1. on a small boat 2. procession

    Claude Debussy

  • From "Ma mère roi

    Maurice Ravel

  • Preludes" 12. in honor of Schubert

    Francis Poulenc

  • From the ballet suite "Pallade

    Eric Satie

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    General admission 2,000 yen
    Students 1,500 yen (0-12 years old free)
    General admission and students are required to pay an additional order.

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