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Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra Issue Concert 2023 Unofficial

2023/02/17(Fr.) 19:00 Starting

Fuchu no Mori Art Theatre, Dorium HallTokyo



  • Sunrise March (2005)

    Shunsuke Sato

  • I. March "Morning of Glimmering

    Keigo Makino

  • II Polonaise and Aria

    Hideki Miyashita

  • IV March "Dream of Pegasus

    Toru Mizuguchi

  • III Retro (commissioned work)

    Masamichi Amano

  • Sunrise March (1982)

    kappa (mythical water-dwelling creature)

  • Introduction and Allegro (1982)

    Makiko Kinoshita

  • Prelude to an Imaginary Legend (2006)

    Masahiro Yamauchi

  • Dorian Rhapsody for brass band

    Hiroaki Kuwahara

  • Concerto Overture for Symphonic Band

    Hiroyuki Fujikake


  • Takeshi Oi


Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    SS Seats 8,000 Yen [Limited to 24 seats] 2nd Floor, Row 5-6, 22-33
    S seats ¥5,000 [Limited to 48 seats] 2nd floor, rows 5-6, seats 10-21, 34-45
    General Admission ¥3,000
    Students (high school students and below) ¥2,000
    SS and S seats are available only through TKWO Ticket Service.

    Tickets for delivery】
    Price 1,500 yen
    On sale January 23, 2023 (Mon.) (tentative)
    Tickets will not be available through TKWO Ticket Service.

  • How to buy

    Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra Ticket Service
    Ticket Pia
    Lawson Ticket
    e+ (Japanese only)
    Fuchu no Mori Art Theatre Ticket Center
    TEL 042-360-4044 (Tickets sold over the counter only, no reservations)


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