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Gauche the Cellist" with reading and string quintet

2023/02/11(Sa.) 14:00 Starting

Seigaiha Nami NorihateiHyogo


Gauche plays the cello at a photo studio in town, and is constantly bullied by the dean for his poor performance.
When he goes home, he is so frustrated that he bursts into tears, but he practices every day, determined not to be defeated.
One day, a cat comes to Gosh and asks to hear him play.
He turns the cat away, but the next day, the animals keep coming, one after another, begging Gauche to play.
The next day, the animals come again and again, begging Gauche to play.
The story is about the clumsy and unsociable Gauche, who becomes aware of his inner feelings through "dialogue" with the animals.


  • Symphony No. 6 "The Countryside" (for string quartet)

    Ludwig van Beethoven

  • pizzicato polka


  • String Quartet No. 10 "Harp

    Ludwig van Beethoven


  • Mami Inai


  • Shunta Tamaki


  • Rie Kanematsu


  • Miho Fujii


  • Nami Shimoariso


  • Robert Wydrowski


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    Elementary, junior high and high school students 500 yen
    Free admission for preschool children

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