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Ten Piece Brass One Line 14th Concert

The 14th Concert

2023/02/19(Su.) 14:00 Starting

Fuchu no Mori Art Theatre, Vienna HallTokyo


That classroom, which is surely still the same today. A special memory that can only be found in that place and at that time.
We can never go back to that time, but the music of that time still resonates in our hearts....
The theme of the 14th concert is "Youth.
We will present a variety of nostalgic melodies that will remain in your heart with the sound of Ten Piece Brass.


[Part 1

 A Cruel Angel's Thesis by Hidetoshi Sato / arr. Hideaki Miura (Neon Genesis Evangelion Theme Song)
A Cruel Angel's Thesis by Hidetoshi Sato / arr. Hideaki Miura

 SAKURA Song by Yousuke Fukuda
SAKURA Song by Yousuke Fukuda

 Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet (Tchaikovsky / arr. Philip Harper / flugelhorn and euphonium duet by Shuhei Shinoda and Saori Murakami)
Love Theme from Fantasy Overture Romeo and Juliet by Tchaikovsky / arr. Philip Harper / Flugelhorn & Euphonium Duet by Shuuhei Shinoda & Saori Murakami

 Alvamar Overture by James Barnes
Alvamar Overture by James Barnes

Part 2

 "West Side Story" in music by Leonard Bernstein
West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein

In no particular order. The program is tentative. Please note that the program is subject to change without notice. Please understand in advance.


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