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Waseda Symphonic Band 88th Regular Concert

2023/01/15(Su.) 16:30 Starting

Renai Kodaira Kodaira Civic Cultural Hall, Main HallTokyo


The 88th Regular Concert of the Waseda Symphonic Band will feature "Kugen no Mikumi" composed by Jun Chosei as its main piece. You will be able to feel the seemingly perpetual three-beat rhythm with your whole body.
The opening piece will be "Infinity - for Blue Impulse" composed by Makoto Wada. It will be a refreshing opening to the festival.
We will also perform four other songs, interspersed with a planned stage performance. Please come and join us.


  • longclaw

    Jun Chousei

  • Infinity - For Blue Impulse

    Shin Wada

  • subterranean travel

    Peter Grayham

Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    Reservations, completely free of charge, are required.
    Seating is unreserved.

  • How to buy

    December 15 at teket's service - reservations will begin.

  • Admission of a preschool child

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