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Charity Concert for Ukraine

Connecting Hope - A future where everyone can receive treatment

2022/12/09(Fr.) 19:00 Starting

Auditorium, Seisen Women's UniversityTokyo


Fighting continues in Ukraine. Repeated attacks by missiles, drones, and other means have left many people in mortal danger. As the cold winter approaches, it is becoming increasingly important to care for the physical and mental health of the people. Medical teams around the world are providing medical assistance to the wounded, taking great care to ensure their safety in areas close to the fierce fighting zones.
With the month of December, which is the month of donation, we would like to ask for more of your interest and support for the people of Ukraine, and we will hold a charity concert in cooperation with Seisen University.
We will invite pianist Gen Tomuro, who will participate in the 2022 Ron Thibaud International Competition. We hope you will enjoy the beautiful piano sound, which is played with hope for the earliest possible arrival of peace and for the days when everyone is connected to medical care and can live healthy in mind and body. Your participation will help support the people of Ukraine.


World Medical Mission Ukraine Medical Relief Activities
Presentation by Seisen Women's University students "Volunteer for Ukrainian Refugee Relief
Piano performance by Gen Tomuro
 Chopin: Ballade No.1
 Ravel: La Valse, etc.


  • Gen TOMURO


Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    We ask for the following donation for participation fee.
    General donation of 3000 yen or more
    Donations of 2000 yen or more for students

  • How to buy

    Please apply at the following website:


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