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Hikarigaoka Orchestra The 54th Regular Concert

2022/11/27(Su.) 14:30 Starting

Hikarigaoka IMA HallTokyo


The selection of music is typical of a chamber orchestra.
Please look forward to a performance that expresses the joy of ensemble playing as only a small ensemble can.

The conductor, Erika Kiko, is a promising young conductor who won the third prize, the Orchestra Prize, and the Audience Prize at the Next Generation Conductors Academy and Competition held in Hiroshima in August this year.

Mr. Masahiro Izaki and Mr. Kazuki Yamada also performed with our orchestra before winning the competition.
We are looking forward to meeting talented conductors.

Hikarigaoka Orchestra
We are a two-manual orchestra that has been active in Hikarigaoka since 1994.

We do not have a fixed conductor, but rather work with a variety of people to create music that is full of individuality and diversity. We believe that a certain tension between the conductor and the orchestra toward the common goal of performing music always produces good music for both parties.


  • Symphony No. 104 "London


  • Serenade No. 1



  • Erika Kiko


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