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Yale and Noel

~17th-18th Century French Airs de Coeur and Christmas Songs

2022/12/04(Su.) 16:00 Starting

The Church of Christ in Japan Shimanouchi ChurchOsaka


Airs de Coeur (court songs) were popular among the nobility in 17th and 18th century France. Their content varied from love songs to pastoral songs to drinking songs. The songs were sung in the salons of the court, where people enjoyed music while enjoying stories and drinks. We will present a concert of such songs mixed with Christmas songs that were popular in France at that time. We hope you will have a pleasant time.


M. Lambert / Hidden Passion

M.A. Charpentier / In that forest without anxiety

A Christmas Song / A Christmas Song

Speak, O Mary

The Young Maiden, etc.

M.Lambert (1610-1696)

Dun feu secret

M.A. Charpentier (1643-1704)

Sans frayeur dans ce bois

Chants de Noel

Or nous dites Marie

Une jeune pucelle, etc.


  • Masahito Kasahara

    baritone theorbo

  • Shiho Nakagawa


  • Hiroko Sasaki


  • Ken Tajiri


  • Shuri Sawa


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