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Sail For ..." release commemoration live in KYOTO

2023/05/19(Fr.) 19:00 Starting

Live Spot RAGKyoto


Travelers guided by the sound of the sea roar. Now, they are about to step out into the ocean of music.
The dazzling sounds reflected on the surface of the water, the waves and heartbeats that come and go. We cannot help but anticipate new landscapes and new encounters.
Sail For ..." is a gem of a collection of works that sublimates the essence of boogie-woogie and blues, the origins of The Grit Groovers, and fuses them with their well-honed sensibilities.
The refreshing popness of youthfulness, and the joyful and blessed music that gently envelops you. The seasons and the changes of the heart are depicted with warm colors, as if a hand were gently placed on your back. Many scenes will unfold.
With this unique instrumental map in hand, let's set sail!


  • Detective B

    The Grit Groovers

  • Blessing.

    The Grit Groovers

  • Boogie Ugi Improvisation

    The Grit Groovers


  • Keigo Takase


  • Chequeraccio (Koichi)



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